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Wick works one-on-one with students and families so that students can reach their full potential. He addresses each situation with empathy and develops strong relationships with his students and families.

Each student has an individualized learning plan, which is developed based on informal assessments and working collaboratively with parents, teachers, and specialists. Wick uses research based multi-sensory programs to instruct students in reading, writing, and spelling. Also, programs addressing cognitive processes to address the needs of his students.

Learning Solutions Utilized

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Skill Building
  • Phonemic awareness

  • Phonics 

  • Reading fluency

  • Spelling

  • Handwriting

  • Comprehension 

  • Vocabulary 

  • Writing 

  • Mathematics

  • Spanish

Academic Support
  • eLearning

  • Homework completion

  • Test-taking strategies

  • Task initiation

  • Task prioritization

  • Homework planning

  • Scaffolded learning

  • Summer tutoring

Executive Functioning
  • Organization

  • Planning and time management

  • Long-term storage

  • Study strategies

  • Task initiation

  • Note taking

  • Task prioritization

  • Understanding learning strengths

Family Services
  • School observations

  • Consulting

  • Accommodations

  • Understanding neuro psychological evaluations

  • Advocacy services 

  • Case management assistance

  • Home schooling

  • Reinforce ways to support at home

Remote Learning Options
  • Support and enrich the school curricula

  • 1:1 online tutoring 

  • Individualized education

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